We Offer :

  • 24/7 transfers
  • No night rate
  • Visa or Mastercard accepted on board
  • Same rates in case of traffic jam
  • Long Distance

My booking

It’s via the booking page of the site, by mail contact@allonavette.com or by phone 00331 82 41 01 50  Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.

We will confirm the booking at your earliest convenience.

If you have no confirmation, that’s we don’t receive your request.

The day before your transfer, we communicate by phone (call or SMS) or by mail the coordinates of the driver who will pick up you.

In case of cancellation from you, please contact us as soon as possible.

More Informations :

Can I count on you ?

If we can’t certify your transfer, we don’t confirm your request.
We call you the day before to give you the mobile of your driver.

When can I book ?

As soon as you are sure to use our services. More booking is late, the lower the availability of vehicles will.

Which information do you need ?

We must require your name, adress support, time, number of passengers, flight/train number, mobile…
Indeed, the legislation concerning the carriage of persons comples us to reveal these informations on the drivers’ booking.

What time should I contact you if I arrive at the airport ?

You must give us the arrival time of your flight as it appears on your ticket.

Why I must give you my mobile ?

Your number will be sent to the driver to tell you his arrivind at your adress or to explain where he is exatly parked.

Is there an extra-cost for child seat ?

No, no extra-cost, each vehicle has a baby seat and a booster. If you need a shell, tell us on your boonking.

Must I to tell you the number of luggages?

Yes as far as possible to send you a car that meets your needs.

Is there an extra-cost for luggage?

Only if there really! More than 2 large suitcases or large bags per persons for example.

Is there an extra-cost for a pet ?

Yes an extra-cost of 5 euros

My transfer

Once the driver arrives, he calls you to spare you the trouble of waiting outside.

If it is an arrival at the station or airport, switch on your mobile as soon as your plane lands, the driver can explain you where he is exactly parked at your arrival. (Sure to be reachable on the number provided by you)

If you don’t have one and you arrive at the station or airport, the driver can wait you with a name-sign (extra-cost 7 euros).

Which route the driver will take?

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS infotrafic (drivers have the necessaries information on your course). But you can obviously tell them your route.

What’s happened if my flight/train is delayed ?

We are informed in real time of flight schedules. So if your flight or train is delayed you will have no extra-cost.

The driver can apply an extra-cost ?

That’s the advantage of using Allonavette, the rate is fixed, it’s based on the distance and the number of persons.
It may however ask for a supplement in the following cases:

  • if the number of bags is important and you have not reported at your booking
  • if your flight / train is on time and you have your luggage, but the driver must wait for you for any reasons
  • if you ask to the driver to stop or to make a “hook” on a way without having said at the time of booking

My payment

You don’t pay beforehand!

Payment is made directly to the driver (visa or mastercard accepted).

If you need an invoice, on a simple request, the driver can give you it or we can send you it by mail.

Reservation or more information :

0033 1 82 41 01 50 


10a.m to 8p.m
7 days a week

(only by E-mail on Sunday)